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Sorry Sms

They Say Sorry

Dont You Hate It
When They Do Something Hurtful
And Then They Say Sorry
And Expect Everything Will Be Ok.


I Make Mistakes

I Am Not Perfect
I Make Mistakes
I Hurt People But
When I Say Sorry
I Mean It.

A Genuine Apology

Sometimes A Genuine Apology,
A Simple Heart Felt 'I Am Sorry'
Can Change Everything And
Start To Mend The Deepest Wounds.


A Sorry And A Smile

The Best Kind Of Relationship
In The World Is The One In
Which A Sorry And A Smile
Can Make Everything Back
To Normal Again.


I Know How Angry You Are

I Know How Angry You Are & What
You Must Be Going Through,
So I Hope, You Know How Sorry I Am
For All That Happens Between Us.
Please Forgive Me