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Valentine Day Sms

My Love For You

My Love For You Is Never Ending,
You Are The Most Important Part Of My #Life.
I Love You Wifey.
Happy Valentines' Day


Our Love Is

Promise Me Our Love Is
Never Going To Fade
With The Passage Of Time.
Love Me Forever Sweetheart.
Happy Valentines' Day

I Am Thankful

I Am Thankful To God
For Giving Me Such A Wonderful Partner
Like You.
Happy Valentine's Day!

I Am Thankful - Valentine Sms

Your Love Is Limitless,
Your Smile Infectious,
Happy Valentine's Day


Kya Naam Dun

Tere Mere Rishte Ko Kya Naam Dun,
Yeh Naam Dun Ya Woh Naam Dun,
Is Duniya Ki Bheed Mai Naam Ho Jate Hai Badnaam,
Kyun Na Apne Rishte Ko Benaam Hi Rehne Dun.

~HaPpY VaLeNtiNe DaY DeAr~

तेरे मेरे रिश्ते को क्या नाम दूँ,
यह नाम दूँ या वह नाम दूँ,
इस दुनिया की भीड़ मैं नाम हो जाते है बदनाम,
क्यों न अपने रिश्ते को बेनाम ही रहने दूँ।

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I am With You

When I am With You, Time Flies So Fast,
Hours Feel Like Seconds.
That's When I Wish,
May We Never Part.
Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart!